Join us in launching the first health guide in Eugene, Oregon. The Eugene Health Guide is a sister publication to the Bend Health Guide. We are a collective of health providers in the Pacific Northwest, promoting a healthy lifestyle through nutrition, fitness, self care, mindfulness and  connecting to nature. Our new print and online magazine,  will come out twice a year, in the Spring and Fall. 


 Our goal is print 20,000 copies bi-annually, to be direct mailed to Lane Country residents and distributed to businesses in our Pacific Northwest. Each issue will be available in our community for 6 months of viewing. The Guide will also be published online with a searchable directory to support healthy choices in our community.

Did you know?

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This publication plants more trees than it uses.
Have you seen the Boardman Paper Birch Tree Farm on I-84 in Oregon? 
Paper Birch trees are being grown as part of printreleaf.com for every tree used in print, 2 more are grown as a Global Reforestation project, bringing vital oxygen back into our climate, making our world a greener place. Our printer is FSC certified, showing they're doing all they can to ensure that our world's forests are nurtured and protected. Our guide is 10-30% PCW (post-consumer waste) Recycled paper. All of our paper is Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) a process removing harmful aspects from previous pulp bleaching process, further protecting our environment!
Reprinted from Bend Health Guide Fall/Winter 2018

Discover & Support Healthy Choices in Lane County

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An online directory of Wellness Providers.

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As purveyors and supporters of healthy choices, we want to let you opt out of screen time whenever possible.

Towards that goal, we are putting a lot of our time and energy into making the information you need accessible just when you need it. We'd love for you to join us on Facebook and Instagram - the information will always be there (and definitely check out our Meet up for healthy events happening In Real Life). But, if you just want to cut through the clutter and have first look at our digital magazine, deadline reminders for advertising and article submission, and dibs on advertising deals; this one's for you.

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